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Two blogs is about 2 more than I can keep up with right now - so I'm going to keep everything on thepotterplace blog - we'll see if I can even keep up with that.

Abby - 3 months in Utah

We've been home officially 3 months now and Abby is doing so much better. She is smiling more and even laughing some. We're seeing little bits of progress every day and everyone just adores her. We went to a family reunion at Cherry Hill last weekend and she really enjoyed the water.

She does the little outstretched arm thing whenever she wants something - thus alleviating some frustration for her and us since she can communicate what she needs rather than just crying. Overall, she is doing so well. She is not growing too much - maybe a pound or so - we'll find out the official numbers at the Dr. this week. We're feeling so blessed and grateful to have her in our family it has been an amazing ride.

A few weeks ago she started doing a little scooting thing to get around and just this last weekend figured out how to crawl on her hands and knees - I'm sure she'll be walking in no time and it will be almost comical watching this little tiny thing walk. We'll have to do a video when it happens.

Since I'm not doing well at keeping up two blogs I think I'll end this one and just attempt to keep up our other family blog. Please visit us there at I plan to do general updates about the kids and the adventures that we're all having. Thanks again for following along and for your kind comments.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2 months...

Well, I'm not sure if anyone is reading this blog anymore since I pretty much fell off of the edge of the blogging world for awhile. I have been meaning to post but when I go to blogger the log-in page is all in Chinese characters. It did that when we went to China and has never changed back. So that has delayed me a bit trying to figure out how to get into this blog again.

Abby has been home for just over 2 months now. It has been an interesting transition. First, I must say the kids have been amazing. They all adore Abby and have been completely loving and supportive to her as she tries to accept and attach to our family. They look forward to seeing her each morning and Hannah can hardly stand to leave her alone long enough to take a nap. Today Hannah asked why we only have one baby and can we get just 3 more??

My job has been trying to help Abby "attach". My dear friend Cyndie wrote a very insightful post about attachment - if you want to understand it better read this -
read the post titled "Blogging is down, attachment is up" July 17. You can also read her following post for a sweet attachment experience. Really you should read her whole blog about her experience in China - she had some incredible experiences and shares some insights that are so touching. (I need to figure out how to do links right - can anyone help me with that?)

As for us, we're still attaching. Abby actually is probably attached to me - but she is insecure. She's a bit anxious at times and so we're still working - fortunately for me, my friends Cyndie and Melissa have coached me over the phone and we'll be spending some time with them soon to figure out how we can help Abby feel more secure and safe.

I've had visions of cute photos with my girls in matching dresses - but as you can see above - Abby is totally NOT going for it. If I am in the room and not holding her she is TICKED! Actually things have improved in the last 2 weeks so maybe soon I'll get my cute photo. She is liking the kids and Shawn enough to allow them to hold her for short periods of time. I'll post more soon about summer fun with all of the kids.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home at Last!

Isn't that adorable?? Our cute neighbor made this banner and it was hanging in our house when we got home. I think I'll keep it there forever. (Thanks so much Laura!)

My apologies to those who've been waiting to see if we made it home safely. Yes, we did and we're just trying to recover from jet lag and continuing lack of sleep. I'm typing with one hand as I hold my sleeping baby in the other. This "spicy" little girl packs a big punch. She screams whenever I try to set her down - even when she is sound asleep. I recognize this is a good thing for attachment purposes - just not for laundry, dishes, and anything else purposes.

The flight was, thankfully, pretty uneventful. We were fortunate enough to get the bulkhead seat with this cool bassinette thing they screwed into the wall in front of our seats. Abby was happy playing in there while we ate and she even slept in there. She was so tired and cried for at least 1/2 hr and then Shawn put her in there and closed the top, as I protested loudly, and she instantly closed her eyes and went to sleep. I couldn't believe it. I had to keep checking if she was breathing. She only slept 3 1/2 hrs but it was better than nothing.

Our kids were over-the-moon excited when they finally saw us coming. They were waiting on the corner jumping up and down - I'll try and post the video. The photo isn't great - (I'm plannning to take more when I come out of this sleep-deprived brain fog.) They were so excited after almost 3 yrs of waiting I think they didn't believe me anymore. They crowded around her all night and they still can't get enough of her. She likes them as long as I'm holding her but she's not too excited about them holding her yet. I keep telling them she'll get there. She is starting to smile more and more and even laughs a bit..

I took her to the Dr. yesterday and she weighed 14 lbs. She is eating well so I imagine she'll pack on some weight quickly. I'll post more photos with the kids in the next few days. Thanks again for following along and for the many many kind words.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Day in Guangzhou

Today we visited a really interesting Buddhist temple and then went to the Sun Yet San memorial hall. Our guide gave us an interesting lesson about Chinese history and I'm too tired to post the photos. This afternoon we wandered the streets of Guangzhou outside of the normal American tourist area. We found a store with bottles and bottles of snake wines. Our guide told us it is good for you - ya right! The most novel bottle was one that made the list of the 10 craziest Chinese foods - snake penis wine. Enough said.

I love watching the ingenuity that these people have when moving materials by bike. This isn't the biggest we've seen but pretty impressive. Don't try this at home.

I play for the BNA. Officially licensed material available at very good price.

How cute is that?? So far we haven't found any shoes small enough but today BINGO!! and for only $1.30.

I felt like I was walking through National Geographic again today. I didn't want to be rude and take too many photos right in peoples faces but there were many teeny little shops on the side of the street with people like these ladies making or selling things. This lady was sitting behind her sewing machine chatting with her friends. Many people were napping - anywhere they happened to stop in their shop or on the sidewalk - whatever.

Well, we're packing up. We leave the hotel tomorrow morning at 10:00 am and will land in Utah at about 4:00 pm, assuming all goes well. Pray that it will since I think if we get delayed I will be sobbing hysterically as I try to convince the airline employees that I need to get home NOW.
I have mixed emotions about taking Abby from the culture of her birth. It is an amazing country with such a long and fascinating history. It will be a whole different world for her with us - hopefully someday we can bring her back here to see it for herself. On the other hand I'm thrilled to bring her home with us. I hate that my happiness is only possible because of someone else's heartbreak but I do believe it is the best for Abby or we'd never do it. So to Abby's birthparents whereever you are - Thank you for this wonderful gift - we promise to love and take care of her forever.

We'll post more when we get home and get our heads back on straight - we're planning to video the first meeting of Abby and the kids so we'll post it on here.
Thanks so much for following our journey - for the comments, e-mails and the love and support.